Wednesday, December 1, 2010

lalala ary ary , miss dia ;')

ughh , what a day ;') , damn why can't i stop missing u dude ermm . i see ur pix all the tym i kiss ur pix cuz i want u to be here rite now ;) beside me , miss the smile hug all about us ;) . i can't imagine if there's no u beside me woww ;'( what a life rite syg uhu . hurmm sorri one think u didn't noe about me :( curank ! aha sorri dude i didn't mean to hurt ur feelings but soo ovius ba ;( , i love sum else by the tym im in love with you waa , stupid me !! nda ckup stu :'( uhu . i always backing u jua kn? lao u have any prob . errmm but i can't imagine if u noe who eyka that u kple with sygsss i didn't meant it serious liie ;) , but all i can hope now is ur forgiveness . tpi me lum siap mao ctao u ;( . sorri sorri sorri . btw miss both of u ;')

with love : Eyka xoxo ;)

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