Sunday, November 28, 2010

sad day , cover with tears :')

lastDay ;') , see ma bro nmbr 4 tis day . his nme alip hehe . his goin back to shah alam tis day , contineud stdy 1st sem on 2011 . weird . he contineud his stdy on 01.12.2010 , but he sad 1st sem on 2011 . hahahaxD , his sad : not weird ba lil , im not stdnt like u use uniform go to school hahaaxD , im in poly . its like a unvsiti . aiyoo kc explore ckit ba tue pmikiran ! . hahaha , he wanna say dat me not noe anythg . but I guest dat is de last he gonna say like dat to me huhu :') we end it with tears last nyte , good self-care when got there we are here to pray for hope to secure huhu , see you on 2011 bro mwwaah ;*

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